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New 2020 Short-Sleeve Cotton Tee

New 2020 Short-Sleeve Cotton Tee

There are a lot of intriguing, unknown things out in the world that should be tried - your patience shouldn’t be one of them. If you’re tired of people pushing your buttons and your boundaries, you have every right to call them out! This comfortable short-sleeve tee lets them know that if they try you, they’re not going to like what comes next. A little bit sassy, a little bit sophistiratchet, this shirt tells the world that you’re an elegant, graceful woman but you aren’t above taking out your hoops and throwing down if need be.
  ⦁ Your new patron saint of Take-no-Sh*t, our sassy spokesmodel is ready to pop off if need be.
⦁ Soft, comfortable, and 100% cotton with just the right amount of stretch.
⦁ Available in sizes Small through XL for a perfect fit.
⦁ Features an original graphic of a beautiful woman rocking her natural hair and the words “Sophistarachet” underneath in bold white font.