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Sophisticate Crop Top

Sophisticate Crop Top

Ooh, girl. They say that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle, but sometimes you want to handle it with a solid backhand. This clever crop top features our sassy Sophistarachet graphic that tells the world that, while you look calm, cool, and collected, you can throw down if and when the need arises. When people start running their mouths, it’s time to start pushing back, so wear this shirt with pride and dust off your boundaries: no one should ever start crossing them again.
⦁ Stop the nosy pokes, prods, and whispers on the bus or in crowds: set your boundaries in style.
⦁ Fair warning that if they throw out “that” attitude, they’re about to catch “these” hands.
⦁ Comfortable fitted short-sleeve design hugs your curves and slightly exposes your midriff.
⦁ Available in sizes Small through XL for a perfect fit.
⦁ Features an original graphic of a beautiful woman rocking her natural hair and the words “Sophistarachet” underneath in bold white font.